Color Theory by the kids

I don’t really want to talk about my kids on this blog because it’s not that kind of blog.  But we had a conversation the other day that has been sticking with me and it relates to my life as an architect.  I don’t remember how it came up, but my 4-year-old son Felix said that if his head had a color inside it would be orange.  That quickly changed to the whole insides of his body would be orange.  My 2-year-old daughter Amelia said her insides would be pink.  I am not sure if she means pink or purple, as she often gets them confused.  I’m hoping for purple, personally.

Anyway, so Felix told me that my insides would be green.  Then he asked what color I would want.  I couldn’t really answer because I don’t have a favorite color, I like too many.  (For example, the header image is the color palette for our new house, no room is white.)  I said green was fine with me, but tried to use it as a teaching moment and told Felix about the subtlety of colors.  I’m fine with a green more on the side of turquoise then say a kelly or forest green.  The best part of the conversation was when the kids thought that my husband’s insides would be brown.  I guess they know who really makes the paint color decisions around here.

This whole conversation has me wondering if  notions about colors and our level of interest in them is ingrained in our DNA.  Felix is truly obsessed with orange as his favorite color and has been steadfast on it for as long as he could say it.  It also makes me wonder if colors are a nature versus nurture topic.  Felix’s room has been orange (old and new because that’s what he wanted) since he was one and a half.  So does he like that color because it’s surrounded him and he identified it as his or did I happen to pick the right color to go with his cosmic color sign?  I grew up in a house with all white walls (and trim, and ceilings, you get the idea).  What does that say about my wanting a house full of color?  I don’t think I want to analyze that because I had a happy childhood!

I can’t wait to see how Felix’s relationship with orange progresses and watch how both he and Amelia use color in their lives.

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