“new” doors

Like a lot of houses, this one has the cheapest doors possible.  They’re hollow-core, which means that they feel – and are – lightweight and insignificant.  Doors with a single panel (one large panel, as opposed to a more standard 6 panel door) are my usual favorite, but that can cost over $100 a door to replace.  Since we do not have a budget like that I decided to try painting the doors a dark color.  I hadn’t seen this before, so it was a bit of a gamble but I am so happy that I did it.  It makes the doors look more sophisticated, like someone actually cared about them.

The second line of attack on the doors was to replace the hardware.  What was once a shiny brass knob is now a satin nickel egg-shaped knob.   Brass hinges that twinkled in the light are now a matte nickel that calls no attention to itself.

So with a little paint, an $18 door knob and $5.50 in hinges a door it’s like we have new doors.  See the Product Picks category for some door knob suggestions.  Some before and afters.

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