Vinyl Style goes a long way

I have found something that will change the wallpaper industry forever – a chance to decorate your walls with a graphic that is stylish and removable. There are a lot of shops on Etsy that are doing this, just type in vinyl wall decal in their search box.

My brother and sister-in-law said they needed some art to fill a blank wall in there house for Christmas and viola, a series of bamboo cut-out panels:

My son shares his room with a “longneck” dino mommy and her baby:

I love the idea of these decals because they’re a chance to do an interesting piece of “art” at a reasonable price and they can quickly add personality and style to a blank wall. The only reason my walls are not now totally covered in vinyl is because I just can’t decide what to put where. The first spot that needs attention is the wall coming up my stairway. It’s hard to hang art here because you can’t get close enough to really look at the art, so I’m thinking a wall decal is the way to go. Here are the ones I’m trying to decide between:
from UrbanWalls, I would use multiple sets to make a regular pattern like a wallpaper

from WowWall, but I’m afraid of overdoing the forest theme in the house

from PlanetWallArt

Once I make a decision I’ll post an image…

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